Flow control

Programming is about making decisions depending the results obtained. Its about checking and verifying whether certain conditions are met or not. In any programming language we have loops which serves this purpose. Before going to start with loops I would like to revisit comparison operators. These operators will result in either true or false .… Read More »

Numpy questions

Numpy Interview questions? How to create a numpy array from existing array? Using asarray() we can create ndarray from existing data. aList=[2,3,4,5] nArray=np.asarray(aList) print(type(nArray)) Output: class ‘numpy.ndarray’ How to create numpy array in specific range? Using arange(start,stop,step) we can create ndarray from existing data. nArray=np.arange(0,10,5) print(nArray) Output: [0 5] How to create list of equally… Read More »

Selenium Cucumber Interview Questions

Cucumber What is BDD? What are advantages of it? BDD stand for Behaviour-Driven Development. It is basically set of practices A common misunderstanding BDD is that they it is testing technique but it is not. It is about software deveolpment process in which Automation tests are by product. The BDD flavour development uses natural language(Gherkin)… Read More »

Data Science Interview Questions

Data science interview questions: What is Regression? Regression analysis is predicting value of a dependent variable using its relation with independent variable.

Selenium Framework Interview Questions

TestNG and FrameWork What is a framework?? A framework is basically set of rules or Guidelines set to perform task efficiently and effectively. There are no thumb rule that the framework should be in particluar way. It will depend on the task/application to which we are going to design a framework. What are the advantages… Read More »

Selenium/TestNG Interview questions

TestNG and FrameWork What is TestNG and its features? TestNG(Next Generation) is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit but introducing some new functionalities that make it more powerful and easier to use. TestNG is designed to cover all categories of tests: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc… Features: Flexible test configuration. Support for data-driven… Read More »

Selenium/WebDriver Interview questions

Selenium interview questions basics-1 What is automation testing? Automation testing is the process of enabling a tool/machine to perform manual tasks without manual intervention. The expected results of a test are fed into the tool to be compared with the actual output of the test. What are the components of Selenium suite ? The Selenium… Read More »

Locators – 1

To identify locators we have certain plugins/add ons. Firebug is one of such for firefox. However it is not supporting latest firefox anymore. ChroPath is for chrome and many more. I will suggest not to depend on any add-ons instead better approach is to write our own xpath. To go ahead with this, view page… Read More »


What?? Any webpage is simply group of elements. It can be heading, paragraph, footer,hyperlinks, multimedia, menus etc.. Automating is a job to perform a task on these elements. Consider a task of opening google and entering learnmodeon as search text. Manually once can simply open browser and enter text. Human eyes have the capability and… Read More »