Introduction to Test Automation

By | April 24, 2018

Lets begin with 3 basic questions: What | Why | How

What is Test Automation?                                                                                                                                                                    Test Automation process is using a tool or piece of code to run repeatable tests against the application under testing.

Why we require this?

There are so many inventions in the process of automation in our daily lives. Have a look around yourselves you will end up with a list of tools which are being automated to reduce human efforts. However our point of interest is to automate tasks/tests in Test process. Lets have a look at  “Why Test Automation”

Undoubtedly, it makes the life of a test engineer a lot easier, when compared to the manual testing. Having said that there are so many advantages of Test automation, its not advisable to automate in all scenarios.  There are some chances where

  • Application UI is changing so frequently in the sprint.  Efforts to automate will go in vain in this case.
  • If an application has a very tight deadline, there is currently no test automation available, and it’s imperative that the testing get done within that time frame, then manual testing is the best solution.

So consider these things before starting your automation

How to Automate test cases?

There are so many tools in the market to automate web application, Desktop application or both.

  1. Selenium
  2. UFT(Formerly QTP)
  3. RFT  etc.

I always prefer best open source tools so among these my favorite choice is Selenium. But why??

Let me give you a day 2 day example in laymen terms to differentiate paid tools and Selenium. You wanted to eat biryani and you know how to prepare as well. There are restaurants which will offer amazing biryani at higher prices.

Lets list Pros and Cons of self made Biryani:


You will decide quantity and quality of ingredients for the recipe.

You will end up with spending less bucks and healthy too 🙂


You have to put your efforts to prepare your recipe.

You cannot blame anyone because you just made out of instructions available in some recipe.

On the other hand you can order restaurant one, You can go for customization but not as you wish always.  You can blame person who prepared it when it is not up to the mark because you have consumer rights.

Now I will tell you the differences in terms if technical terms between UFT and Selenium.

UFT is having features which are better than Selenium however Selenium still outshines it in terms of Cost, Flexibility and Parallel testing.

In next tutorial we will start our ride with selenium.

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